Exercises to Lose Weight and Lose Belly Fast【PROVEN】

Exercises to Lose Weight and Lose Belly Fast 【PROVEN】

Summer is coming and the whole population begins to prepare for the famous “summer project”. Slim several pounds that were accumulated during the barbecues and casters during the year. This kind of thinking may be good in the short term if you avoid crazy diets that make your adepts stop eating for hours on end. However, one should not prepare the body for only one season.

Practicing physical exercise throughout the year is a great practice for getting health and well-being, as well as extra energy for other daily activities. Exercising at least 3 times a week is a practice that benefits far more than weight loss, but also a gain in quality of life.

In order for the weight-loss exercises to be done effectively, they should be pleasurable for those who practice them. Forced exercises will only do with frustration, disgust and in the end everything will return to square one. Even with focused goals, you will not be able to reach them without really wanting and liking a certain activity. Therefore, in this article we will present the most effective weight loss exercises that have fallen in the taste of the general public in recent times.

Functional Exercise To Lose Weight

Functional training is an activity that has gained space in the USA’s scenario in recent years, because it is very comprehensive as to the people who can do this activity and also by its method. Functional exercise serves very well for those who seek to escape from daily activities, lose weight quickly and still enjoy the exercises.

For the practice of functional training, no extra equipment is required. The body itself is capable of generating difficulty for the functional practitioner. Because of this factor, there are more places besides the gym where training can be done. Beaches and woods are great for changing that sense of enclosure that gyms can do. In the case of beaches, the training may even be intensified, because of the sands.

The movements of the functional slimming exercises are based on daily activities and seek to reach the whole body at one time. Its benefits are:

  • Improvement in body performance;
  • Turning muscles;
  • Improvement in the cardiovascular system (physical conditioning);
  • Reduction of measures and healthy weight loss;
    Strengthening of the body’s general musculature (arm, belly, thigh, leg and buttock);
  • Improvement in posture and also elasticity;
  • Learn about some types of weight-loss exercise programs that use functional training for extreme fat burning:

Vip 60 Challenge

Now, those who seek intense activities and do not have much time to practice physical exercises. An interesting tip is the Vip 60 Challenge activity program. This is a weight-loss exercise program created with fast, high-intensity and short-duration movements.

The Vip 60 Challenge is divided into 4 difficulty modules. The first, named “module 0”, is for people who do not practice physical activity for a long time and basically live in sedentary lifestyle. The next step is labeled “Module 1”. It becomes more intense than 0, but it is still at an early stage. Modules 2 and 3 are of medium and advanced difficulty, respectively. In them weight loss is visible and the results are best achieved.

According to the Vip 60 Challenge program, it is possible to lose from 8 to 12 kg in 60 days. The activities are done intensely for 2 minutes, with rest of 30 seconds. Moves of fighting strokes are used, like frontal kick, and others more traditional. Monotony never again! Practicality and high performance? Those are precisely the objectives.

It’s a smart way to do weight-loss exercises because it gives you more results in less time and with much less effort. And besides, it is a QUICK, EFFICIENT and SAFE method.


Martial arts, too, are considered good workouts for weight loss, but generally, fat burning occurs less intensely than functional exercises. This is because a good part of the training is focused on the technical part of the movements. But still, practicing martial arts provides many benefits, such as:

  • Gain of muscle mass;
  • Improves physical conditioning;
  • Intense calorie loss;
  • Learn self-defense.

Do some kind of fight like: Boxing, Muay Thai, KickBoxing, Karate, etc. All of these fighting styles can instigate a taste for sports and still result in high calorie expenditure.

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