Want to Ride ? Comply with 8 necessary bicycle accessories

Cycling has been a great alternative to many people I know. Among the many benefits, a bike prevents not only terrible congestion, but improves time and fitness without damaging the environment. However, one should be aware that some things are necessary, as well as their readiness and cycling. No time to shake (which may include fines and accidents), made me a list of accessories for more interesting and useful bikes that you need for safe streets.

It is true that the lack of a structure for cycling in Brazilian cities is an important problem to face. However, if you are willing to be patient with rude drivers, bike riding brings many advantages for you.

It has been shown that doing their threats improves the heart rate, and is comparable to running or walking aerobics. You can also say goodbye to the stable decide to invest in this life: the only time it takes place to another, who already practice enough exercise.

Biking is also a means of transportation available, with low maintenance costs and saving valuable time locked traffic.

Do not be in entertainment situations, and the bike needs some accessories you are safe during your trip in the city. In addition to necessarily required by law, there are also some that can make your life bikes. Here I choose a more useful.

8 Bicycle Biking Core for Life

1 – Helmet

Yes, her hair mixed, but safe from sorry, right? A helmet is essential for those going to walk around town. In the case of an accident, is the only one that mediate between the head and asphalt. There are dozens of options to buy dozens. If you worry about clouds every day, knowing that there is already a folding helmet, so that you can keep them in your purse or backpack easily.

2 – Gloves

Whether for cold or for better control of leashes of bicycle days, there are specific gloves for physical activity, with fabrics that are hand-breathable and hand-protected.

3. Seat

It may seem silly to put a seat on the menu, but it is important to have a comfortable seat and adjust it well to your body when it comes to cycling. Otherwise, chances are you end up with body aches. There are several types of selling, and you can try to find the one that suits you.

4 – Roof rack

If you are already completely safe with the accessories listed above, now is the time to carry out your bike with accessories that facilitate mobility. Baskets to load backpack bags can save your life if you carry a lot of weight. There are also many support types for water bottles and cell, ideal if your trip will be longer.

5- Campana

It was required by law, and works to alert pedestrians, motorists and other cyclists. You must be on the handlebars of the bike which are touched by the thumb of the pheasant. Look for one that has a strong voice. It seems that the most common bells are not heard by motorists. This campaign was created as a new solution to this problem.

6- Reference

Also required by law, super importance if you plan to ride when it’s dark. In addition to the usual lights in a specialist shop, news for those who are professional cyclist Revolights, super intense LED lights attached to bicycle wheels, to anyone that says he did not see you!


7 – Glasses

If it is not a mask helmet, it is interesting to think about glasses with clear lenses. Therefore, dust, wind and pollution do not hinder vision.

8 – GPS specific

It is the coolest new features to customize the bike, and there are now tracking devices that allow you to locate the phone. This is the best solution for lost or stolen bikes.

The Bravo The Track R is a small sized device for one coin, it can attach to a bicycle as an adhesive. It is an affordable and profitable product. Completely separate, the place will be placed under the bike seat which is not easily seen.

If you lost a bike or someone take it, just open the free application on your phone to find your site. If it is too far away from you, you can also find a tool called GPS fans, which uses the signal of other phones with an application to find your bike position. Here is a great video showing how the device works in real mode.

Be sure at all times with this bike, and then tell us about your ride experience around!

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