Lonic White Review

Lonic White Review: A Bright White Smile in a few minutes

Teeth whitening in the clinic is expensive and not everyone can afford this pleasure. In general, the natural color of the enamel approaches the yellow (having white teeth like snow is a rare gift) but it is now easy to overcome the complexes that arise because of a bad smile and make the first step to be attractive and have success: you can order the innovative Ionic White tool and forget about the yellow tooth problem forever! The use of the LED technology of this device increases the effect of the whitening gel (included in the kit). The device is absolutely harmless: LED radiation is in fact the closest to the natural color of the teeth.

Lonic White

Action Principle of Ionic White

Ionic White employs a cold blue LED emitted by semiconductor diodes and does not release thermal energy, producing an ionic whitening.

Whitening the teeth with the help of this method does not cause any risk: in fact, due to the absence of heat emission, it does not cause damage to the oral cavity or the human body. Ionizing radiation can be used on both the teeth and the sensitive gums.

Benefits of Ionic White

The blue LED light has antibacterial properties and a cleansing effect; It also has the ability to act on small particles by activating silver ions inside the gel and increasing the effect of dental whitening. Blue LED light kills bacteria that cause teeth problems, such as darkening, pigmentation, and decay.

To date, ion activation has never been used to whiten the enamel. Immediately after the appearance of Ionic White, the product was officially patented for the worldwide market as an invention based on a new technology that was extremely effective and at the same time safe for health. The bleaching process with Ionic White does not take much time, certain conditions, or the availability of dental instruments. All you need is spending a few minutes on this procedure you can run at home.

Teeth whitening in clinic against whitening with Ionic White

After experiencing multiple times Ionic White, people who have had previous dental whitening experiences at a dental studio can not see the difference in the result: it only resides in the price. Statistical research has shown that 89% of respondents believe that Ionic White technology is the most innocuous method of whitening teeth at home, while 84% recommend the remedy and declares that it would still use it if in the future you need it. Positive feedback from customers around the world indicates the success of the use of this invention. Recently, Ionic White has also raised widespread interest in Italy.

Components of Ionic White Ionic System

At the time of purchase, the innovative dental whitening system contains the following components:

  • Storage batteries;
  • Device with LED light;
  • A 30 ml whitening spray;
  • A 15 ml whitening spray activator;
  • Three whitening gel tubes and three activator gels;
  • Gel mask;
  • Instructions booklet.

How to use

If you have been proud of your gritty smile, but now the old enamel whiteness has gone because of some factors, you do not have to despair! You can retrieve your charm thanks to the effective and absolutely harmless Ionic White! This invention can quickly change the color of your teeth, making them bright yellow or gray. Just buy the device on the official website and spend only 20 minutes of your time at home.

Following the instructions of Ionic White, you will actually get a surprising result even without going to a dental clinic. Apply the activator gel on the mask and place it on clean teeth. Point the ionizing light of the device on the teeth and keep it uninterrupted in this position for a period ranging from two to ten minutes. Soon you will see the result: the teeth become whiter than some shades (the effect depends on the physiological characteristics of the person). The results may vary depending on the condition of the individual teeth and the type of enamel. The device can be used occasionally if necessary. If you smoke or are used to drinking coffee or tea during the day, Ionic White will help you keep your teeth in perfect condition, giving you a brilliant smile regardless of bad habits.

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